About Us

Mistersnow is a full service snow maintenance company that has been providing service to the North Bay area for over 15 years.

Started as a small one man operation by Johnathan Hook under the banner of Johnathan Hook Snowplowing and renamed once the business was too big to be serviced by only one truck, Mistersnow was sold to Matthew and Katrina Elliott in 2010 and the operations and administration were switched in 2011/2012.

Having worked for Mistersnow in varying capacities over the last Decade, Matthew is not new to the industry. The service standard set out by Johnathan is the same standard that drives the crew today.

Continually growing in their target market: Commercial, Residential and Light Industrial, Mistersnow strives to be the most reliable snow maintenance provider in their region. With Trucks, Loaders, Hand Equipment and Sanders, Mistersnow operates with an average of 10 employees for the winter months and retains on average 3 employees during the summer months running their sister company North City Improvements.

By working closely with company administrations, Mistersnow is working to remain the most efficient snow maintenance company by custom designing each customers snow cleaning system to suit the location owner, the location user and the maintenance company’s abilities.

"By working together we can minimize the inconvenience of winter precipitation while maximizing the abilities of our crew. By being organized we can service locations faster, sooner and for more consecutive hours. This is a huge plus during snow storms that last several days."

Unlike much of the competition, Mistersnow is primarily a snow management company. Where many contractors are plowing snow to offset their "off-season" we are purposely shaping our service style, products and equipment to increase our ability to meet the changing needs of Business owners and operators during the winter months. Because of this we invest more in snow specific equipment, better ice-control methods and larger grounds crews.

We believe it takes some deliberate planning to remain in the industry for over 15 years, and we plan on being around for another 15+.