Salted Sand on a commercial location or multi residential complex generally reveals two undesirable realities:

1) Salted Sand requires multiple applications and,

2) Multiple applications of salted sand makes a mess!

So, in 2010 MisterSnow began looking for an environmentally acceptable alternative to salted sand. What we found was a product that would make the application of Salted Sand unnecessary under normal conditions and of minimal need under extreme conditions.

In 2011/12 we field tested a product from Innovative Surface Solutions called ThawRox which is a treated salt product that uses a vegetable base sugar treatment to modify ordinary rock salt into a very effective ice melter and Anti-Icing product.

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Locations that were regularly treated with the product did not require any salted sand. In addition, the product worked faster with less applications and lasted longer than Salted Sand. The Liquid product is also used to pre-treat sidewalks, steps and ramps when clear and dry.

Anti-Icing is available as a seasonal contract addition only. Since the product is applied as a PRO-ACTIVE agent it cannot be applied "as needed". Instead the product is applied PRIOR to a snow event. This prevents the treated location from forming a base of hard-packed snow that later turns to ice. It also prevents black ice from forming on clear surfaces. (Black ice is created when the freezing dew we receive in the late evening is heavy enough to glaze over the surface of concrete and asphalt)

Bags of Ice melter (ProSlicer extreme) may be purchased for personal use by requesting it HERE. One of our service trucks will drop it at the specified location. An "Ice-Melter" charge will appear on your regular billing.