Commercial Service

We understand that you need customers to be able to access your location in order for you to be successful. Mistersnow runs a commercial specific schedule that prioritizes business locations in the early morning to ensure that when the doors open, the client can access them.

Our regular service begins at 2" of accumulation and can be requested down to Zero accumulation. Snow events that comprise in excess of 4" of precipitation may be serviced several times during the one event.

Since early morning service spaces are limited our Commercial Service is not available as a "per pass billing" service. All customers that desire to be included in this time frame require a seasonal service contract. These contracts include Anti-Icing service in order to ensure that the location remains clean and safe. For more information see "Anti-Icing" .

Commercial Service includes:

Business locations, Multi Unit Residential Complex’s, Apartment Buildings, Home BasedServices, Industrial Complex’s, Warehousing and Malls.

Residential Service

Residential Service can be a fickle mistress! MisterSnow strives to maintain a routine service pattern so that residential customers know when to expect their location to be cleared. Residential service occurs during our "mid-day" time frame. Since our Commercial Service is what keeps our company running our Residential service is completed after the Commercial work is finished.

During a regular snow event (2" of accumulation) our "mid-day" service begins around 11 am and we limit our customer base to the amount of work we can complete by 5 pm so that everyone has received service by the time they return from work.

On Occasion a large snow fall (4"+) will push our schedule back as each location will take longer than normal to service. During these events, Residential Service will begin once the Commercial work has been completed.

Residential Contracts may be acquired at a seasonal rate or billed per occurrence.

To see where the crew is in regards to the regular service times see the schedule update on our home page.

Residential Service Includes:

Single Family Dwellings, Semi Detached Dwellings, Multi Family Residential Units Occasional or ‘One Time’ Service

Sometimes a location has a special service need. Mistersnow understands the need for a backup plan in case of extreme weather. We are available to help dig out of an unexpected event or cover during an unplanned service interruption.

Occasional service can be arranged in advance for a pre-determined ‘per event’ fee or hired by the hour.

All Occasional or ‘One Time’ service is performed once our commercial and residential customer’s needs have been met. We cannot guarantee service times or availability.

(During events in excess of 5" precipitation Occasional service will not be available for 24-36 hrs. And requests will not be answered for the first 24 hrs.)